If you’re hankering to explore the use of handplanes in woodworking, this succinct but detailed guide will get you started and take you far along your way. Designed especially for the newer handplane user, it describes handplanes and planing methods from the ground up in thorough, easy-to-follow language. Richly illustrated with over 90 color photographs and drawings, Choosing and Using Handplanes answers the questions beginning and intermediate handplane users have about this exciting but sometimes confusing mode of woodworking. In this book, you’ll learn about:
The types of handplanes, their names and functions
The first planes you should get
How to set up and adjust your planes
How to sharpen your plane blade
The kinds of sharpening stones
The different bevels you'll want on your blades
How to hold your work for planing
The body positions that work best
How to determine the direction to plane boards
How to plane cupped, bowed, and twisted boards
How to plane end grain
How to buy and restore old planes
How to store and care for your planes
How to solve handplane problems

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